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3d metall nickel aufkleber-凯发备用地址

3d thick nickel sticker

3d thick nickel sticker
product material: nickel metal
surface style effect: can be sandblasted, brushed, textured, twill, horizontal, cd, corroded, mirror, matte, matte, radium, gold-plated, concave and convex, fuel injection.
sign color: multiple colors
electroforming standards: electronic digital, furniture, audio headsets, glasses, car logos, car keychains, golf clubs, high-end gift box packaging, and other products.
use glue:
1. adhesive, direct paste; the adhesive strength of the double-sided adhesive increases with the contact area of ​​the adhesive and the surface to be bonded, and the application of a stable pressure contributes to the contact of the adhesive with the surface to be bonded, thereby increasing the bonding strength. to achieve the best bonding results, the bonding surface must be clean and dry;
2, foam rubber, because the thick mark has curvature and depression, the general water glue, hot melt glue can not work with the product can not fit, need to use two layers of foam rubber.
electroformed nickel standard features: good corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high hardness, can keep the sign style color is still fresh and fresh, beautiful pattern, clear lines, full color uniformity, bright surface, etc.
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