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electroform thin nickel sticker label-凯发备用地址




  product details
  product type: nickel plate
  product material: nickel metal
  dimension range: <200mm
  thickness range: 0.065-0.12mm (thickness without glue)
  surface style effect: can be split, whole, wire drawing, mesh, twill, hollow, bright, dumb, sand, ultra-thin
  signboard colour: multiple colours and optional colours
  coloring method: oil injection and electroplating
  uses of electroforming standard: electronic digital products, household appliances, bank cards, leather goods, gift box packaging, mobile power supply, etc.
  mobile phone case, sports equipment
  use viscose:
  1. hydrogel: viscous at room temperature, tear off the paper can be directly pasted on the product.
  2. hot melt adhesive: there is no stickiness at room temperature. it needs to be heated by hot press to more than 120 c. the glue dissolves to be sticky. it is often used in leather goods, bank cards and other products.
  characteristic of electroformed nickel label: corrosion resistance, good wear resistance, can keep the style and color of the label as bright as new for a long time, beautiful design, clear lines, full and even color, bright surface, etc.

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