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why use nickel metal sticker logo ?-凯发备用地址

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the nickel metal sticker logo signs produced are widely used in electronic digital products, household appliances, leather goods, packaging gift boxes, earphones, mobile phone shells, car keys, golf club nameplates, furniture and other product trademarks. the metal signs are mainly made of stainless steel, metal nickel, copper, iron, aluminum, zinc alloy and other materials, through stamping, die casting, etching, electroforming, electroplating, baking paint and other processes.
there are many classifications of metal signage. today, i will briefly introduce several common signage materials:
first of all, let's introduce the most commonly used stainless steel signs. compared with aluminum materials, stainless steel signs have strong rigidity, and their high strength also reflects their value. moreover, stainless steel has a high melting point and has great resistance to high temperatures. advantage. from the appearance of the sign, the stainless steel sign is obviously more glossy than zinc alloy and aluminum alloy, and it looks more upscale. the only disadvantage of stainless steel signs is that the unit price is slightly higher than that of aluminum and zinc alloy signs, but when a good product is matched with a high-end metal sign, the overall value will increase a lot.
next, let's introduce metal signs made of aluminum. the biggest advantage of aluminum signs is that they are cheap, which is a good choice for many customers who pursue low prices, but aluminum signs are mostly used for relatively low-end products. the overall price is not too high. if it is a product with relatively high value, it will appear slightly rougher with an aluminum sign.
finally, let's introduce the signs made of zinc alloy. zinc alloy signs are mainly used in badges, medals, clothing metal logo signs, and are not used much in other aspects.
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