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chrome metal nickel logo steel sticker
3d metal nickel logo sticker
multi coloured gold metal nickel logo
steel aluminum nameplate pet sticker
metal nickel logo sticker
3d electroplate nickel sticker
multi coloured gold metal nickel logo sticker
steel aluminum nameplate pet sticker

qingdao teda electronic co., ltd , a high-tech enterprise specializing in design and manufacture of custom electroform thin 3d metal nickel sticker logo label and steel sticker pet sticker and stainless steel aluminum nameplate ,we have 10 years experience of electroforming plateing . the metal nickel steel sticker logo widely used in laptop computers, mobile phones, televisions, refridge, watches, plastic , furniture ,leather ,perfume bottles, various gift crafts . our main customers are dell, sony, samsung, apple ,toshiba, lenovo, hisense, haier and other customized crafts gifts . qingdao teda electronics co., ltd , committed to providing customers with best products and best service.we looking forward to cooperate with you . ...

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